• Global Banking Regulation: Q&A with Mr. Marko Škreb

    In small countries, we must be efficient by implementing country-specific regulations that enable better use of human and financial resources.
  • The Microeconomics of Technical Assistance

    Ever since I started working in the area of Technical Assistance (TA) I have sometimes felt like a salesperson knocking on door to door and offering gadgets that no one actually wants.
  • Hey Siri, I Need a Loan

    Me: “Hey Siri, I need a loan.” My iPhone: “How does XXX (the actual name of a bank) sound like? I can give you directions,” replies Siri and a map pops up on my screen with directions how to get to the bank. This is the actual conversation I had with my iPhone when writing this ...
  • Can monetary policy alone guarantee prosperity?

    About ten years ago, when I started travelling regularly to the holiest site in central banking, the BIS in Basel, the usual introductory lesson on central banking was that the four main points a governor should always keep in mind…
  • Financial Inclusion and Financial Stability

    In this note, by financial stability I do not assume only the absence of a financial crisis, but also a well-functioning financial system (as defined in the introduction ). “The stability of the grave”, as the profession sometimes refers…